Breakfast, Lunch & Light Meals

We offer a huge range of sandwich, rolls and wrap fillings…

…along with hot pies and pastries, soups, paninis and toasties. If you haven’t yet tried a Simpson’s burger it is a must do!

Download our counter top menu

Rolls & Bread

Offering our well known morning rolls across the region and beyond. Ask for Simpson’s rolls.

We also offer a range of hand-made breads including our popular Mixed Grain, Hi Fi and Vienna loaves and our Small and Large Brown we use for our sandwiches.

Pies & Pastries

Try our traditionally made scotch pies.

Also offering onion pies, killie pies, sausage rolls, bridies, quiches, steak pies and a range of slices including the favourite steak slice.


Our range of small cakes are carefully crafted by hand on the premises.

See our product list for the complete range which includes French cakes, Crispies, Fern Cakes, Pineapple and Raspberry Domes and the much loved Strawberry Tart.


Our empire biscuits are a local favourite and a must try.

Pick up a bag of melting moments or a coffee bun for elevenses.

Fresh Cream

Everyone loves a fresh cream cake.

Offering a range daily across all premises including meringues, sponges, tarts and scones.

Scones, Pancakes & Crumpets

Our potato scones are a substantial bite and have their own unique look and taste.

Accompany them with our pancakes and crumpets for a great breakfast or simply enjoy with a cup of tea.